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Random Snaps: Rizki Ramadan

We will be featuring Rizki Ramadan, or Kiram, for this edition of Random Snaps. His 3 friends from The Future of the Past (Renaldy FK, Astrid Prasetianti, and Irnindya P. Nugroho) were already featured in the previous Random Snaps.

Rizki is a writer. From writing for the high school students’s magazine to TFOTP and other magazines. His passion for the magazine that makes him fall in love towards photography, design, and of course writing.

The main reason he’s still using analog photography is because of the color. His favorite film is Kodak Ektar, although he’s only been using it just 2 roll and using Fuji Superia 200 more often, because the color was quite engrossed and very memorable for him. While his favorite camera is Nikon F90x with its auto features that make it easier to capture the moment.

For him, analog photography could balanced out the digital era of photography today.

“Analog cameras trained us to slow down, in the sense that we are trained to be more careful and more sensitive when capturing and interpreting the meaning so that the results become more special and personal.”

Here are some of the Rizki’s photo projects

by Rizki Ramadan by Rizki Ramadan by Rizki Ramadan by Rizki Ramadan by Rizki Ramadan by Rizki Ramadan by Rizki Ramadan by Rizki Ramadan by Rizki Ramadan by Rizki Ramadan by Rizki Ramadan

He has a lot of dreams from photography, among others, make a photobook project, has his own photo lab and lastly, to be able to write about photography. For Rizki, writes about photography (photo review, book or photography event) are very important because writing could make others appreciate the photography more and not just to upload it on digital media, to like and to comment on it.

Aside from being a writer in magazines and The Future of The Pas zine, Rizki regularly writes in his personal blog with feature name #pencermat, makes a book-blog with his girlfriend and runs Card to Post community.

All photos taken by Rizki Ramadan

website / instagram / twitter / facebook

Random Snaps: Astrid Prasetianti

Astrid Prasetianti is a multi-talented person, from graphic designer to illustrator to analog photograher. She has an unique style, both in illustration and photography.

Astrid loves to draw but it was the analog camera that made her falling in love with photography. Her favorite cameras are Nikon FM10 and Olympus LT-1 with Fujifilm Superia 200 as her favorite film (All hail Superia!). In 2012, along with Renaldy F. K, she made a self-published photobook called “88” that contains 88 photos that they’re capture from their analog cameras.

Astrid is one of the founder of The Future of The Past along with Renaldy F.K., Rizki Ramadhan, and Irnindya P. Nugroho.

When we asked her, what is photography mean to her? She said,

“Photography is my most serious hobby among others”

01 _ mjuII-superia200-hutan mangrove PIK 02 _ mjuII-superia200- galeri nasional

1. Olympus mju II – Fujifilm Superia 200 (Mangrove Forest, PIK) / 2. Olympus mju II – Fujifilm Superia 200 (National Gallery, Jakarta) / 3. Nikon FM10 – Kodak Colorplus 200 (Puncak) / 4. Nikon FM10 – Fujifilm Superia 200 (Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta) / 5. Nikon FM10 – Fujifilm Superia 200 (Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta) / 6. Olympus mju II – Fujifilm Superia 200 (Yogyakarta) / 7. Olympus mju II – Fujifilm Superia 200 (Yogyakarta) / 8. Olympus mju II – Fujifilm Superia 200 (Pok Tunggal Beach, Yogyakarta)

All photos taken by Astrid Prasetianti

website / instagram / behance